Updated-Calls for Artists, August Final Friday

22 07 2011


August 26th Final Friday

Final Fridays is seeking artists and artist teams to create “mobile art galleries” for the Final Friday in August. The mobile art galleries will meet up on the KU campus for the first annual Hawk Week art walk, and at 6 pm move down 9th Street to Massachusetts Street for the Final Fridays Art Walk:

What qualifies: anything that moves… your gallery can roll, be pushed, pulled or biked, worn on bodies, carried in your arms. Be creative, if it is mobile and exhibits art, it can be in the mobile art gallery event!

How to participate: Individual artists and artist teams of all ages are encouraged to participate.

To be part of the official event, email your intent to participate to Molly Murphy (molly@lawrenceartscenter.org) by August 15th. Once you are confirmed, details for the event will be sent to your designated contact person with meet-up times and locations.

The Eldridge is seeking artists for August FF:

Calling all artists who draw, paint, sculpt or photograph animals!
The Eldridge is looking to feature (gratis) one to two pieces of your work for Final Fridays on August 26th from 5-9pm.
Because the hotel is a historical building, all artwork must be featured on easels or tables.
Limited space available. Although not required, we encourage artists to create during the showcase!
Contact Patti McCormick at 785-830-3944 or email her at patti@oliviacollection.com

Lawrence Journal World seeking submissions for “Dear Lawrence” project:

LJWorld.com and The Lawrence Journal-World are currently taking submissions for the “Dear Lawrence Project,” which will be modeled after Dear Photograph. In addition to posting the submissions in a photo gallery on LJWorld.com and on Facebook, we will choose and print selected entries that best convey a sense of nostalgia, change or perseverance. We’re also organizing a show of featured photographs working at the News Center, 645 New Hampshire, during Final Fridays on Aug. 26, 2011. We’ll highlight contributions from our own photographers, community photographers and those taken by members of the community. To submit, email high-resolution photographs along with your name to dearlawrence@ljworld.com or post them on our Facebook page. Please provide a few lines of caption info to provide some context and also to help people understand what has changed. You could also include the emotions the photo evokes in you. Don’t be afraid to make it personal. They are your photographs.

There aren’t really any rules and the photos don’t have to be from Lawrence. Most of you will have some connection to Lawrence or live within close proximity, but if not, that’s OK too. You’ll just have to travel farther than others to see your work displayed!

Our primary requirement is that the photos be shot in the same location where they were originally taken. Not everything has to line up exactly and in many cases it won’t matter how hard you try. Trust me. We do ask that the use of Photoshop be kept to a minimum; cropping and a bit of contrast and color toning is OK. Cloning and other altering techniques are frowned upon. We’re going by the honor system, but use your best judgement.

Deadline to submit: 6 pm, August 15th


Foxtrot seeking Artist for August 26th Final Friday

Foxtrot is taking submissions for an artist to exhibit in the one year anniversary of Final Fridays. Artists can link to their website or online portfolio, or send jpegs of work to: foxtrotshop@me.com

July 29th… Art and Air Conditioning Along the Art Walk

20 07 2011


  • Rhyming The Lines:Solo Exhibition by Tanya Hartman.July 15 – August 13.From the artist:
    “My work combines an obsessive dedication to technical precision and to
    traditional materials with a growing belief in the visual impact of collaged
    and painted text. Words have a visual presence. They are actual gestures,
    printed marks upon a two-dimensional surface. My artwork attempts to bridge
    the gap between what is perceived as a book and what is perceived as a piece
    of visual art. It is important for me to use phrases that move through time,
    so that the viewer experiences reading one of my paintings as they would
    experience reading a book. The interaction between drawing and painting,
    installation and display, large and small, and words and images helps to
    evoke my perception that the need to express certain facts about history is
    equal to the need to express the convoluted fantasies that we each carry
    about the meaning of our own unique histories. Though my works are about the
    upheavals experienced by just one family, it is my hope that through the
    language of common image and utterance, I can speak to many diverse
    Tanya Hartman was educated at The Rhode Island School Of Design where she
    obtained a BFA in Painting in 1987. Between 1992-1994 she was a graduate
    student in Painting at Yale University. After her graduation from Yale
    (MFA/Painting, 1994) she was a Fulbright Scholar in Stockholm, Sweden. She
    now teaches painting and drawing at the University of Kansas where she is an
    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of
    Visual Art. She is represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas
    City, Missouri. There, she exhibited her work in a solo show in
    January-February 2010 titled, Rhyming The Lines, an exhibition favorably
    reviewed in The Pitch and in the Kansas City Star and Review magazine. She
    has also exhibited at The Center for Book Arts in New York, A.I.R. Gallery
    in New York, ARC Gallery, Chicago Illinois; and at the Salina Art Center,
    Salina, KS.
  • 2010-2011 Project-Based Artist in Residence Exhibition
    AARON STORCK Wizard Porch and Garden
    An installation by Aaron Stork


Exhibits include imagery from Photography, Photoshop, Photo Essay and Dark
Room Photography classes and audio recordings from Screenwriting classes.

Located in the downstairs Hallmark exhibition hall

  • Different Perspectives
    New works by Akiko Jackson. 2010-2011 Artist in Residence.
    July 15 – August 13Akiko Jackson is from Kahuku, a rural North Shore community on the island of
    O’ahu, Hawai’i. From 1999-2007, Akiko lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco
    to focus her studies in the arts. After receiving a Master of Arts degree
    from California State University, Northridge, she moved to Richmond,
    Virginia where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Virginia
    Commonwealth University. Akiko has been the Artist in Residence at the
    Lawrence Arts Center for the past year. Different Perspectives will be
    Akiko’s exit exhibition.
    • West Side Story Beginning at 5:30 PM we’re going to have flash mob dancing interspersed with songs of Gershwin, Bernstein and Sondheim. There will be solos, duets and group numbers sandwiched between dance routines – all by the 8th – 12th grade Cast of WEST SIDE STORY (which will then have a 7:30 PM performance)
    • Friday, July 29 at 7:30pm

    Tickets: $8.50 adults, $6.50 seniors and students
    $1 added to each ticket for handling chargeLawrence’s Summer Youth Theater High School students will perform WEST SIDE
    STORY, by Leonard Berstein, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents. A full
    orchestra and choreography by Diana Dresser and professional dance captains
    to lead each of the gangs will make this the most ambitious SYT show todate. WEST SIDE STORY will be performed July 28th – 31st.



Using cardboard and zip ties, sculptor Juniper Tangpuz has transformed the aerial space of the main lobby of the Arts Center with 12 constellation-inspired, large- scale sculptures created in his studio and at the Arts Center. This cardboard world will be complete this week as students enrolled in Gotham City Arts Camp work with Juniper and other artists to design and build a cardboard city from the ground up.

THE INVISIBLE HAND GALLERY, 801 1/2 Massachusetts

  • Ben Strawn
    End Of Days Parade
    Opens final friday july 29th
    Runs through saturday August 20th

From the Artist:

lightning bug population has dropped 70% in the past 3 years – 20% of
lizard species are expected to be extinct by 2080 – salt water fish
are predicted to be extinct by 2048 – 29% of salt water species are
already 90% extinct – Arctic summers may be ice free by 2040 – Sea
…level may rise between 7 – 23 inches in the next 100 years – there is
a 70% increase in the rate of Greenland’s ice melt over the last 5
years – there is a 70% chance of the ocean conveyor failing within the
next 200 years, 40% chance within the next century – The amazon has
experienced two “hundred-year droughts” in the span of 5 years – April
14-16th 2011 200+ confirmed tornadoes across 16 states – April 25-28th 2011 334 confirmed tornadoes across 21 – The Joplin Tornado was 1 mile wide and stayed on the ground for 6 miles – Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was one of the 15 largest reactors in the world and was 40 years old – nuclear waste remains toxic for over 10,000 – 100,000 years – There are over 440 nuclear power plants world wide with over 50 in construction and over 100 nuclear reactors In military and scientific installations – there have been over 2000 nuclear
detonations on earth – in 1859 a massive solar flare disrupted
telegraph services for weeks. Today it would disrupt our power grid
for weeks and destroy a portion of our satellite infrastructure – Solar
activity is expected to peak in 2013

When I was younger I compulsively imagined nuclear detonations on the
horizon, I tended to imagine them when I was driving home.
My Junior year of high school I witnessed a plane crash from my
backyard about a mile away. I felt the heat of the mushroom cloud and
the percussion of the explosion. It was very quiet.

I like to paint the woods. I grew up in Hot Springs Arkansas and have the honor of once being lost in the woods and on a separate instance being trapped in a Briar Patch. I once stumbled into a mossy glade next to a stream in the woods somewhere behind my house and never found it again. Another time a deer walked up to me in the woods and stood about 4 feet from me until my dog chased him away. There is a new subdivision going in back there now.

I recently had a child and think she is the most beautiful thing in
the world. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to read her the
stories of George MacDonald. I like toys and have discovered the art
of fisher price pull-toys designed in the 1940’s. I love early cartoons
when the traditionally trained artist didn’t know what cute exactly
looked like and missed the mark often.

I love the constructions of Joseph Cornell and feel materials are
important and a painting is not just an illustration but should be a
whole object frame and all. The paintings are layered plexiglass
stacked in a handmade frame with slots trimmed out like a slide tray.
It’s similar to Early cell animation when they used a multi-plane
camera to give 2d animation a sense of depth as the camera panned
through the layers. The layered plexi-glass can be sanded and stained
and can obscure the painting below it creating a telephoto sense of
depth as well as the actual physical depth of the layers. The noise
and flecks of paint and artifacts and imperfections are allowed to be
incorporated as it lends a depth like the particles in water or the
pop and hiss of an old record. If you hold the paintings up to a light
they often take on a new depth- they tend to look underwater. I have
been reluctant to attach a light-box because I like the interaction of
taking the painting off the wall and holding it up to see the light
change. I think its like living far from the sea, it makes it special
when you make the pilgrimage.

The headless characters have not been decapitated, but they may have
been. There is an internal narrative to the paintings that makes no
actual sense. They have recurring characters – kind of but not really.
If they were arranged in a story book it would make as much sense to
read it backwards. Henny Penny would be sprinkled througout it.

I have painted my entire life but until the last five years I haven’t
cared much for anything I’ve done. I actually think the paintings I’m
doing now are beautiful. It’s a strange feeling.

My favorite colors are teal and rust.

1109 Gallery, 1109 Massachusetts

  • Art in Three Dimensions

3D artwork by area artists and a wonderful installation in the small gallery, “United Space: A Sallenbach/Dunlap Collaboration”

Open until 9 pm for Final Friday Art Walks, guest speakers Jim Sallenbach and Debra Dunlap, will give a talk from 6 until 7 pm, and musicians, Scott Tichenor and Bill Crayhan will perform from 7 until 9 pm. Great artwork, food, fun and libations.

*Ask us about “Take a Seat for Art!”

THE PHOENIX GALLERY, 825 Massachusetts

  • Final Fridays artist: Free State Glass We have an fantastic Final Friday art walk lined up for you July 29th at the
    Phoenix Gallery! The local Free State Glass artists will be here with
    beautiful work. Dick Rector and Jim Slough will be glad to answer questions
    and show their newest work. They are amazing glass blowers and we are proud
    to have them in our gallery.Pendleton’s Country Market will be on hand with wonderful foods and samples
    to try. If you have never met them at the Farmers’ Market or tried their
    great foods, you are in for a treat! See you on the 29th from 5 to 9 pm.

THE BOURGEOIS PIG, 6 E. 9th Street

  • The Long and The Short

              new works by Molly Murphy

“The intuitive, but incorrect, assumption that has kept us from understanding brains … is intelligence is defined by behavior. Intelligence is defined by prediction.”

“We experience the world through a sequence of patterns, and we store them, and we recall them. And when we recall them, we match them up against reality. We are making predictions all the time. It’s an internal metric… a prediction leads to intelligent behavior.” -Jeff Hawkins on Brain Theory

This series of work looks at our manipulations of the physical world to suit our human compulsions. Placing memories of the natural world up against landscapes of human construction, and memories of renaissance knowledge against specialization, these works ask questions about what the physical landscape will look like based on memory, patterns and predictions.

Understanding the natural world and ourselves requires abstract thought before coming to what may seem a very simple answer…


TELLER’S, 746 Massachusetts

  • Dungeons and Dragons by Geoff Benzing

“Dungeons and Dragons” is a collection of pencil and ink drawings on matte board inspired from everyday life, role playing games, and the UFO phenomenon.
To see more of Geoffrey Benzing’s art go to La Mancha Gallery’s website, lamanchagallery.com, or Geoff’s own website, benzing art.com

Geoffrey Benzing was born in 1975 and has studied art at Wichita State University, and is returning to the University of Kansas to complete his education in the fall of 2011. He currently lives in Lawrence Kansas. He grew up in Wichita Kansas where he enjoyed skateboarding and graffiti like a normal teenager, later he found himself mowing grass and laying sod for a living. At the age of 29 Geoffrey had his first one man gallery show at the Fire House gallery in Wichita and from there he has not stopped painting and showing.

THE DUSTY BOOKSHELF, 708 Massachusetts

  • Singer/Songwriter Sam Smith

7-8 pm

Stop in for music, refreshments and, of course, books!

ACME, 847 Massachusetts

  • Works by Alicia Kelly

Limited edition T-shirts also available from the artist. The ACME staff will press the shirt while you enjoy great art and refreshments.

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY, *739 Massachusetts (flash space)

  • The Lawrence Art Party

Come cool off at the Lawrence Art Party on Final Friday, July 29th. This month we will be at 739 Massachusetts (formerly Maurices.) We’ll have amazing art, cool jazz, cold drinks and great music! Have a hot time in the coolest spot in town!

Artists include John Clayton, Kathy Cooper, Donna Dennis, Dan Dishman, Connie Ehrlich, Van Go Mobile Arts, Leo Hayden, Mark Thomas Hennessy, Matthew Jarmer, Lora Jost, Brad Levy, Jim Luhning, Marty Olson, George Paley, Gary Scott, Frank Shopen, Alex Skorija, and Addison Stonestreet.

Invite your friends on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=202443829805629


    Lower Level

    For this exhibit, the artists were invited to work on their own
    interpretations of “Animals and Stuff,” bringing to mind cabinets of
    curiosities, those mysterious Victorian collections of objects… and lots
    of stuffed animals. There are no stuffed animals here – although there IS a
    drawing of a plush rabbit – but the artists wanted to convey that sense of the
    inscrutable that comes when one ponders items from a distant era. We invite
    you to play along in exploring the idea of the enigmatic in these images of
    “animals and stuff.”
    Kathleen Anderson loves to paint in “happy colors” whether it’s the medium
    of watercolor or oil. It’s her way of transforming the world around her, and
    sharing it with others. The viewer should feel he or she can walk into the
    landscape painting, or smell the flowers, or stroll beside one of the lovely
    buildings on the Plaza.


  • The American West

5-9pm Art Show
9-11pm Dance Party with DJ

Native American dance regalia on display with live performance
Ronald Lash, Carol Beth Whalen, Tony Yazzi, Mark Gourd, Dixon Collection
bead work, arrowheads, painted gourds, stone sculpture, hand-carved wood


  • New Artists, New Art: Jewelry by Ashka Dymel, Brooklyn, NY and Wearable Fiber Art by Amy Nguyen, Northampton, MA

Diane’s has fresh work from two artists new to the gallery. Ashka Dymel who creates jewelry that represents her interests in structure, modular design and, most recently – color. Amy Nguyen creates scarves and stoles by stitching, painting, patterning, dyeing and sculpting, all greatly influenced by Japanese textile design.

Ashka Dymel was born in Warsaw, Poland. After studies in Poland and Czechoslavakia, Ashka moved to the United States where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Environmental Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City. Ashka was an Adjunct Professor of Design and Design History at her alma mater Parsons from 1988 through 1995. Currently Ashka is a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn conducting design seminars in the Jewelry division of the Sculpture Department. After several years of working in the field of architecture, Ashka began to design jewelry and small objects. Since 1990 she has run her own studio in Brooklyn, New York. Ashka lives with her husband and son in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Amy Nguyen’s degree in studio art and art history, her background in costume and theatre design and her studies with master textile artists have all aligned to enrich her textile work. Her exquisite wearable art may be found in galleries, specialty boutiques and museum stores as well as juried craft and museum shows. She currently lives in Boston with her husband Ky.


  • Lawrence Busker Fest Preview on the US Bank Plaza from 7 until 9 pm

Artists to perform include: Mooncalf the Magician, Tricks of Light and Jason Divad fire Juggler.

*The Lawrence Busker Festival will be held August 19th – 21st . You can find more information, schedules and sponsors at http://www.lawrencebuskerfest.com

SIGNS OF LIFE, 722 Massachusetts

  • Black and White ShowSimple images with light and shadow, positive and negative spaces,
    harsh and yet soft – this is Black and White.Join us on July 29th from 6 to 9 pm for the Final Friday show at Signs
    of Life Gallery. We will be featuring prints, photography, intaglio, and
    sculpture by local artists Darin White, Rick Mitchell, and Shannon
    White, and nationally known artists Rick Beerhorst, Barry Moser, Ed
    Knippers, and Daniel Coburn. /

THE LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR, in the alley behind the Arts Center, next to Social Service League

  • The Dime Bag Show III

The third annual show of its kind, The Dime Bag Show is a benefit for the Social Service League and The Lawrence Percolator. Each piece in the show was created out of a $10 bag of “goodies” from the League and turned into a work of art for this show. All works are $50 or under!