Final Friday Events, April 25th, 2014

23 04 2014

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire)

Lawrence Arts Center Final Friday events are sponsored by Gould Evans.



University Dance Company Spring Concert

7:30pm 10/15$
The University Dance Company is a pre-professional performance ensemble located in The University of Kansas, accepting members by audition only. Students rehearse approximately four hours a week per piece for three months prior to the performance. Dancers perform at the Lied Center of Kansas, one of the most prestigious performing arts venues in the country. University Dance Company concerts feature choreography by faculty members and guest artists in modern, ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco, East Indian and other dance forms. Occasionally, outstanding student choreography is featured in the program.






THE SUMMIT (9th and New Hamsphire)


Monthly exhibitions on the Climbing Wall Gallery






THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL (801 Massachusetts St.)


The Eldridge Announces Easter Egg Showcase
The Easter Bunny Left Its Eggs At The Eldridge


On Friday, April 25th, The Eldridge hotel will showcase artwork from artists of all ages at its Easter Egg Showcase.


This Final Friday exhibit is unique because the hotel will highlight artwork created by the Lawrence community instead of a single artist. The Eldridge hotel, located in historic downtown Lawrence, values community involvement and is excited to see how local artists and residents decorate their Easter eggs.


The Easter Egg Showcase will display Easter Eggs from Friday, April 18, to Sunday, April 27. The Eldridge will display the Easter eggs in its restaurants, TEN & The Jayhawker, hotel lobby, and as centerpieces during its Easter Brunch on Sunday, August 20th.


To participate in The Eldridge’s Easter Egg Showcase, please email Aparna Kumar, Marketing Manager for The Eldridge hotel, at or call 785-830-3927.


The Eldridge hotel is located at the heart of historic downtown Lawrence. The Eldridge’s contemporary charm includes warm valet and concierge services; award winning food and beverages; and innovative meeting spaces.






SIGNS OF LIFE GALLERY (722 Massachusetts St.)


Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation.

Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space.






THE BOTTLENECK (737 New Hampshire St.)


El Dopa vs. the Unknown

April is National Poetry Month, and this Final Friday at The Bottleneck will feature works on paper and on canvas by two-fisted local artists Matthew J Asbury, Mark Hennessy, and Jason Ryberg. April¹s Final Friday at the Bottleneck will present visual, printed work from these three artists celebrating poetry and luchadors including a first-time performance of El Dopa vs. The Unknown by Mark Hennessy and Jason Ryberg.

Matthew J Asbury was born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas. A life-long lover of art, Matthew works in media ranging from chalk to digital media‹with some poems thrown in for good measure. Matthew has designed merchandise and promotional material for bands, freelances concept art, design, and comic inker, currently working on a comic book, and exploring repurposed portraiture. Art makes him happy.

Mark Hennessy is a local artist breaking previous fine records at both the town and the university libraries. He has taught in Poland as well as in the States. He was awarded Best Poetry Performance by the readers/writers of The Kansas City Pitch and the Academy of American Poets University prize by Guggenheim fellow John Baliban. He has published introductions for the collected works of Defoe and Wilde, travelogues for College Music Journal, flash fiction/paintings in Axcess Magazine, and poetry collections Cue the Bedlam and I Lost it All the Night the Day the Circus Came to Town. A recent PhD graduate Mark will read from his new work, Airport Motel, and show new paintings.

Jason Ryberg is the author of nine books of poetry, six screenplays, a few short stories, several angry letters to various magazine and newspaper editors, and a box full of folders, notebooks and scraps of paper that could one day be (loosely) construed as a novel. He is currently an artist-in-residence at The Prospero Institute of Disquieted P/o/e/t/i/c/s and an aspiring b-movie actor. His latest collections of poems are Motel, Diner, Liquor and Beauty Parlors, Train Yards And Everything In Between (both available from Spartan Press, 2014) He lives in Kansas City, Missouri with a rooster named Little Red and a billygoat named Giuseppe. Feel free to look up his skirt at




PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)


Recent Works by Marie McKenzie and Kate Larson

Works can be viewed throughout the restaurant and Star Bar






.|| Trace ||.
Works by Katherine Hair


Henry’s has the delight honor of showcasing magical new works by Katherine Hair. She is an Oklahoma based artists that caught our eye a few months back! This is a real treat!


Katherine Hair is an Oklahoman artist with a background in installation work and printmaking. Inspired by nature and magical realism, her current show Trace explores growth and decay over time through watercolor and cyanotype. Trace fossils are geological records of biological activity. Just as trace fossils are hints of what once was, Katherine’s ethereal portrayal of flora and fauna reference the temporal nature of life.





WONDER FAIR (803 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

(above the Burger Stand)


Waste Not Mystics | New Work by Justin Marable

April 25–May 25, 2014

Opening with the artist Final Friday, April 25, 6:00-9:30pm


To prepare you for this month’s Final Friday opening at Wonder Fair, we can’t simply issue a statement about unicorns and rainbows. We need to tell you a story…


It begins like this:


“At the very end of the 20th century, a geneticist named Percival Tevius discovered a secret gene encoded in the DNA of a prehistoric Tarpan. Upon this discovery, he crossed the DNA with a common domestic horse, an ancient Konik, and a sprinkling of sustainably harvested unicorn magic. His lifelong obsession led to the birth of what he termed, Equus magia Cornu, or “magic horn horse”. Born of biological magic on the rural outskirts of a remote and landlocked village, the mystical herd came from humble and mysterious beginnings. Unfortunately, Dr. Tevius died soon after his discovery and the Equus magia Cornu became only a legend. Years after his death, however, myth became truth when a local rancher and oil baron of the small surrounding town captured the gentle creatures. They were forced onto the grazing grounds of a junkyard, raised in the waste of excess, and enslaved by an heir of 21st century chaos.  The mythical creatures fell victim to the baron’s toxic industry of exploitation…”


So opens artist Justin Marable’s most recent and, we believe, most grandiose art exhibition to date. Waste Not Mystics features a heroic band of unicorns whose illustrated adventures put a fantastical spin on bleak ecological realities. Visit Wonder Fair on Final Friday to learn the fate of Dr. Percival Tevius’ mythical creatures, to meet the artist, and to conclude that, indeed, this exhibition will be every bit as crazy and awesome as it sounds.


About the Artist

Justin Marable was raised in Robinson, a northeastern Kansas farm town.  Throughout his life, he has learned and wandered within the boundaries of his Midwestern homeland, observing the social and physical landscape of the surrounding region.  Social and environmental issues drive much of his work as well as influences from family, nature, and everyday life.  His life’s goal is to provide an ongoing stream of original art that flows from roots of urban and rural Kansas to the surrounding local and global community.  He currently resides in Topeka with his wife and three daughters.  He works full time at his home as an artist, husband, and father.








LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)








DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)






PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)


We have another exciting lineup for April’s Final Friday Art Walk. Artists Brian Horsch, Darin White, and Celia Smith will be here, along with music by Michael Paull and coffee from Z’s Divine Espresso.


Brian J. Horsch has been creating hand built and thrown ceramic sculpture since 2008.  He tends to focus on human and animal forms both real and unreal. He has a special affinity for farmers, ranchers, and indigenous Kansas critters. Many of his pieces are functional with human or animal accents. His studio is in Lawrence, Kansas and he lives close to nature near Stull, Kansas.


Darin M. White is an artist, independent curator, and art consultant based in Lawrence, Kansas. Together with his wife Shannon, a painter and arts advocate, he founded b.a.l.m. (beauty, art & life movement) in 2007. Together they promote creativity and action, and encourage others in their art and understanding. Darin equates his artwork to digging in the field, looking for treasures and mysteries to uncover and reveal. His current work is related to visions and dreams, which he hopes will raise questions for the viewer about the life they are living.


Celia Smith is a painter who uses acrylics, pencil, and pen. Starting with sketches from Nature and the human figure, she composes narrative pieces that are historical, literary, biographical, or simply spontaneous interpretations of the natural world. She enjoys painting animals that she has sketched from life in her wanderings, and does portraits on commission which include aspects of the life of the person portrayed. Celia came to Lawrence from Spain where she received her education at the University of Madrid.


Michael Paull is a composer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has lived in Lawrence, KS since 1993, but originally came here from Fort Collins, Colorado. When he is not performing, he teaches at the Americana Music Academy and also does occasional composing and arranging work on commission. Lately, Mr. Paull has been working on an album of both new and older original material for a brand new CD he will be releasing later this summer.








The featured artist at Phoenix Underground for April’s Final Friday Art Walk will be Betsy Forcade. Betsy is a fine art photographer with decades of experience and a love of the natural world. She and her artist husband, Tim, shoot all over the world, looking for those rare transcendental        photographic moments in otherworldly, yet ordinary, wild places. Betsy lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband and two cats. Betsy realizes that the special, unspoiled places of the natural world are shrinking. If she can convey some of the beauty that she finds in the Flint Hills or the Baker Wetlands, for example, perhaps those who see her photographs may desire to protect our natural heritage. She feels a profound reverence for those areas of our world that are wild, that follow their own laws. Betsy believes that we learn about our own humanity by opening up to the teachings of the natural world. She loves sharing the wonder, complexity and grace that nature offers us.






ESSENTIAL GOODS (825 Massachusetts St.)


Opening Reception for Ann Dean :: Commotion


Please join us Friday, April 25th at the opening reception for Lawrence photographer, Ann Dean. It will be a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you there!

Artist Statement:

“I love photography because it gives me a chance to savor the fleeting moments in time that we all take for granted. I enjoy photographing my immediate surroundings here in Lawrence, Kansas, as well as doing travel photography. My hope is that my images resonate with the viewer as if you were actually there watching the scene unfold for yourself. I currently teach photography classes at the Lawrence Arts Center and I am a freelance photographer doing work with portrait, event and commercial photography. You can see more of my work on my website:”








TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.)


Eliza Bullock


I am an abstract artist based in Lawrence. My work utilizes techniques of monotype printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, assemblage and photography. In creating my work, my interest lies in that tense space between calm and chaos. Finding that place, for me, means allowing the process to lead me. That process is quite fluid. It is a dynamic, back-and-forth dialogue between myself and the work. It begins with an uninhibited intensity then undoubtedly leads to a more deliberate and delicate refinement. My hope is that the work presents a new experience to the viewer with each look and that it resonates on a deeply personal level and connects in an undeniable way with the viewer. To see more, visit












Paintings of the guys we know, by Emily Parker


Parker’s vibrant acrylic portraits of her own father as well as the fathers of her close friends drip with the familiarity of old Kodachrome albums. Each scene is saturated with a certain closeness, sometimes goofiness, and portrayals of love between the subjects. Her quick loose brushwork paired with delicate lines pull the viewer in and out of details, creating a storytelling kind of viewing experience.



LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.)

*look for the green awnings


Hard Rain: Living with Bombs in Laos

Closing Final Friday, April 25, 5-9 pm

Join us for a Party against Bombies with reggae and zydeco music.


6:00 Zydeco Tougeau

7:00 Street Level Uprising

8:00 Ernest James & Barry Washboard Barnes


One plane load of Bombs, every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day….. for 9 years. This is what rained down on the small Southeast Asian country of Laos, mostly in secret, during the time of the American involvement in the Vietnam war.  Approximately 1/3 of these bombs failed to explode upon impact, & today, over 40 years since the end of the war, they continue to maim and kill people.

Hard Rain is an exhibit of photos, prints, textiles, artifacts, posters, historic and contemporary, exploring the continued unexploded ordnance contamination of Laos. Included are items on loan from the Legacies of War foundation.  Legacies of War was founded with the mission to advocate for UXO clearance, to raise awareness, provide a space for healing and create hope for peace.

The Lawrence Percolator is located behind 913 Rhode Island, in the Alley just east of the Lawrence Arts Center. All are invited and welcome!





DO’S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)






CORE:FORM (512 E. 9th St.)
“Random Expressions”

Photography by Marciana Derrico Vequist





THE ROOST (920 Massachusetts St.)


“Brick and Mortar” by Matt Kuhlman


Human development is a fascinating yet frequently overlooked force.  The buildings we construct and the cities we establish are very intentional efforts at shaping the world as we desire it, yet we are so closely entwined with this process that it is easy to overlook what an unbelievable phenomenon it is.  I make pieces that try to offer perspectives that highlight different qualities of the man-made world and addresses some of the larger questions:  Why do organic creatures choose to create such a geometric environment for themselves?  Is it really best to cover acres of land with grids of neutral-colored, cheaply constructed, inefficient homes?  If it’s not the best thing to do, why does this happen, and why do so many people find nothing unusual about the practice?  What causes us to regard a building either impressive or ugly?  What does the style and structure of our buildings say about our society?  Considering questions like this, I try to balance the extremes and come up with results that express the organic, geometric, beautiful, ugly, practical, and impractical qualities of the world that we choose to create.



Matt Kuhlman is a Chicago-based artist and writer originally from Lawrence, Kansas.  He earned a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 2008, and a Master’s in Journalism, also from the University of Kansas, in 2011.  His artwork has appeared in dozens of shows through the last ten years, and is currently a podcast contributor to the Boston-based arts and culture website Big Red & Shiny. 





AU MARCHE (931 Massachusetts St.)





EXTRA VIRGIN (937 Massachusetts St.)


“APRIL MAY…”, Artwork by Kathleen Anderson, Laurie Culling, Dian Hauser, Leta Strom
Opens April 25 Final Friday, Reception 5-9pm.  Show runs through May 27, 2014

Kathleen Anderson is a Lawrence resident who has been painting in watercolor and oil for the past 14 years.  She loves color in all its brilliance and subtleties with subject matter that includes landscapes, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and animals.  She is a member of the Lawrence Art Guild, the Greater Kansas City Art Association, and the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society.  Her work hangs in private and corporate collections and has been displayed in 1109 Gallery in Lawrence, SouthWind Gallery in Topeka, and Images Gallery, Buttonwood Gallery, and ARTichokes Gallery in the Kansas City area.,

Laurie Culling is a visual artist and active visual artists’ advocate, living in Lawrence.  Ranging in style from realistic to abstract, her art explorations feature a variety of mediums including acrylic on canvas, mixed media on gypsum, monotypes, watercolor, pastels, hand-made paper collage, fabric and beads.  Her artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and she has received numerous awards including Lawrence’s prestigious Phoenix Award in Visual Arts (2002).  Her works are in many private, public and corporate collections.  Laurie is a former Lawrence Art Guild co-president and vice-president, the co-founder of the Phoenix Gallery (1982), a founding member of the F.A.N. Club (1987) and Artist for the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center (1988).  Laurie volunteered as art exhibit coordinator on behalf of the Lawrence Art Guild for the Lawrence Public Library for 20 years.  She was the volunteer Assistant Director of the Lawrence Art Guild’s 1109 Gallery in Downtown Lawrence.,,

Dian Hauser is a mixed media artist living in Oskaloosa, Kansas with her husband and 14 turkeys (among other animals). She received her MFA from the University of Kansas in 2000 and has been happily making art ever since.  Her artwork references stories, verbal and written, that have a metaphysical basis.  Dian uses metal and wood as a ground for her collage/ drawing/ painting explorations.  She has exhibited her work locally and regionally.  Dian’s art hangs in corporate and private collections.  Dian was the Lawrence Public Library Art Liaison until 2013 and has had the pleasure of working with many Lawrence artists.

LETA STROM BACKDOOR PHOTOS  During her travels with her husband Steve, Leta Strom utilized traditional and modern photographic techniques to create canvas pieces that capture the charm and distinctiveness of various locales in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  Her photo company, “Backdoor Photo,” takes its name from the approach that Steve and Leta chose in planning their European adventure.  Rather than visiting a great many large cities, they chose to enter the countries through the ‘backdoor,’ wandering along winding cobblestone streets, becoming lost in the centuries-old charm of the villages and falling in step with the daily lives of locals. It is Leta’s hope that as you view her photos, you may become lost in the enchanting appeal of these European spots.  Leta Strom has been involved in the Arts and working with young people for over twenty-five years.  She taught high school drama and students with special needs. Leta resides in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband, Steve, and enjoys spending time with her daughters, Lauren and Kristin.





REPLAY LOUNGE (945 Massachusetts St.)


6PM: Dean Monkey & The Dropouts/Tele Novella (ex-Voxtrot)

10PM: White Fang (OR/Burger Recs)/Skating Polly (OK)





FIVE BAR / INGREDIENT (947 Massachusetts St.)


Five Bar (just to the north of Ingredient) on Final Friday for live music all night






GREENHOUSE CULTURE (1001 Massachusetts St.)


6:00-9:00pm April 25th
Featuring Artwork by Hakan Yasarer
Music provided by Brad Rich during Final Friday. Refreshments provided.

Artist Biography:

Hakan Yasarer was born and raised in Turkey. His interest in photography started when he was a teenager with a point and shoot camera.  When he went to college in 2000 he was able to buy his first professional camera and then began to seriously practice photography. While studying civil engineering at Mustafa Kemal University in Antakya, Turkey, he had a chance to learn from professional photographers in the region and participated in local exhibitions to broaden his knowledge. While pursuing his master’s and doctorate degrees in geotechnical engineering at Kansas State University, he continuously extended his knowledge of photography through self-directed study and attending professional workshops.

Hakan concentrates on creating images that are both aesthetically and emotionally moving by expressing his perspective with lines, elements, colors, and tones. As he encounters people from all over the world and discovers their rich cultural heritage, he dreams of traveling and exploring places near and far. Even though his dream of world traveling has not yet come to be, his future projects will be focusing on humanitarian subjects.






AIMEE’S CAFE’ & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.)


“The First Presbyterian Church First 5 Years program Would would like to invite everyone to join us at Aimee’s on the “Final Friday” in April, (April 25th), from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to view the wonderful art our students have created and to enjoy some milk and cookies!”






WATKINS MUSEUM of HISTORY (1047 Massachusetts St.)


Student Hangouts exhibit opens; KU organizations join the Watkins on April Final Friday


Joe’s Bakery, the Dine-A-Mite Inn, Wiedemann’s, the Gaslight Tavern, Johnny’s: every generation of students in Lawrence adopts local watering holes as hangouts in the down time between class, study and sleep. The Watkins Museum’s new temporary exhibit, From Classroom to Café: A Century of Student Hangouts, looks at some of the best-loved hangouts of the past with photos and artifacts. The public is invited to see the exhibit, play a game that tests knowledge of past and present hangouts, vote for a favorite local hangout, and enjoy refreshments at the exhibit’s opening on Final Friday, April 25, from 5:30-9:00 PM. Representatives from the Spencer Museum of Art will also share a digital display of photographs from Lawrence’s past.


On Final Friday, the Watkins will also host the KU Hillel 2014 Art Show, which features new works from 15 students. The Hillel events kick off with a Sabbath candle lighting at 6:30, with refreshments, raffles and voting for favorite artwork throughout the evening. At 7:00 PM in the Community Room, the Kansas History Conference presents its keynote speech from Dr. Bill Tuttle.


All the evening’s programs are free and open to the public.


The Douglas County Historical Society encourages civic engagement by supporting the research and interpretation of county history through active exhibits and thought-provoking educational programs.


For more information on this and other upcoming events at the Watkins Museum, visit the museum website at or call 785-841-4109.







ECOBOUTIQUO (1101 1/2 Masschusetts St.)


earth friendly fashion gallery

1101 1/2 massachusetts st. upstairs
OPEN SATURDAYS: 10:00-6:00
and by appointment- 785.979.6929
offering: ecocouture, recycled, upcycled,
handmade, art. jewelry, accessories,
some vintage, some thrift,
and some things unexpected.









CIDER GALLERY (810 Pennsylvania St.)



Cider Gallery Presents:

Zak Barnes & Billy Beeson


Opening reception: April 25th, 5-9pm
Show runs April 25th-May 28th, 2014


Z A K   B A R N E S
Known for his large Kansas-based figurative paintings, dubbed “surregionalism,” as well as his plein air works, Zak Barnes brings a special blend of influences and imagery from different periods. Barnes painted with the late Robert Sudlow for many years.
My strongest influences are my immediate environment, life experience, and the way my mind interprets this information.   I live and work alternatively within remote and more cosmopolitan settings. In this way I am able to explore a wide range of physical and emotional experience.  I find fulfillment in the rhythm of my days out in the open, loading and unloading the truck with equipment, paints and dogs, setting up, and working with the elements.  There is physical as well as mental work in the process – it becomes a meditation and a practice.


B I L L Y   B E E S O N
Billy Beeson was raised in Lawrence, KS. Skateboarding and art took up all of his free time from a young age. After high school he packed up and headed to NYC where he attended art school, showing his work at several galleries during his time in the city. At the age of 25 he returned to Lawrence. While he’s experimented with sculpting, woodwork and mixed media, his true passion is in painting. His work can best be described as process driven experimental.

Growing up I lived to paint. It’s all I thought about when I wasn’t skateboarding. Moving to New York and studying art was a dream come true. My experiences there helped me hone my skills and taught me to trust myself with my canvas. Upon returning to Kansas, fatherhood and family life took a front seat and for nearly 10 years art became an occasional hobby. That changed in 2012 when I was diagnosed with a rare neurologic disorder that causes stroke-like episodes. Faced with reinventing myself, I began painting again. The collective perspectives of getting older and facing mortality opened new doors into my own creativity. Rather than insisting that I find ‘my’ style, I’m open and willing to explore various mediums, take risks with colors and forms and challenge myself to embrace my pieces as they progress.




SeedCo STUDIOS (826 Pennsylvania St.)


Open Studios 5:00-9:00pm


Resident Artists:


Whatever Forever

Felt Show
Foxy by Proxy
Fart Lyfe
Jason Barr
Michaela Carmen

Edward Francisco
Jesse Gray
Erok Johanssen
Alicia Kelly
Kate Larson
Brandon Mateer
Marie McKenzie
Landon Merrill
Jeromy Morris
Dani Ramirez
Catherine Reed
Jeremy Rockwell
Jessica Rold
Ryan Storck
Naomi Welch
Ben Welch
Angela Wright
Aaron Youngstrom








THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (Lawrence Creates Makerspace 9th and New Jersey)


Final Friday Lawrence Art Party

Lawrence Creates Makerspace

9th and New Jersey (NW Corner)


The Lawrence Art Party, a production of Lawrence Creates, is held every Final Friday at the Lawrence Creates Makerspace at 512 E. 9th Street (9th and NJ), Lawrence KS.  We welcome new artists. To apply for a Lawrence Art Party event, simply email a few images of the work you would like to show to








ART EMERGENCY (721 E. 9th St.)


Brand new Art Gallery in the heart of the East Lawrence Art District. This is a big warehouse undergoing an awesome transformation to become one of the next great galleries in town. Come visit us to see the tremendous talents of many local artisans displaying their fine art, street art and sculptures. We are the giant green warehouse on the corner of 9th and Delaware, next to Star Signs. Free entry, live music, adult beverages, and no dress code, see you on Friday!











“Quarry To Clarity”

New Works by Marie McKenzie


Opening reception on Final Friday, open until 2 am






“Arts & Technologies of Early Peoples”

Willow and Redbud Stick Basketry, bone tools, brain-tanned buckskin and other aboriginal tools replicated by Marty Falkenstien.

Basketry is the oldest form of art, predating pottery in our evolution as Homo Sapiens Sapiens; and it belongs to women. Tap into your own DNA and familiarize yourself with women’s and men’s survival tools and everyday works of art used by early peoples. Touch the deer hide transformed into suede-like buckskin, hold the elk handle and obsidian blade tool used to scrape the hair from the deer skin, marvel at the technology that weaves and twines sticks into useful baskets. These works of art are three dimensional and real.

Marty Falkenstien has over 20 years experience and influence by California Indian co-workers and friends, as a cultural interpreter in the National Park Service and as Director of Education at the Marin Museum of the American Indian in California. She now manages the first local foods market in Lawrence operated by the healthiest best tasting dairy in this part of the world, Iwig Family Dairy from Tecumseh.

Bring the kids and come honor the incredible artful skills of peoples in past times while you sample the healthiest local milks and ice cream skills of today from the Iwig Family Dairy. There will be kid’s activities and the store will be open until 9:00pm, featuring healthy local foods from local farmers.







THE BREWHAUS (624 N. 2nd St.)


Please join The Brewhaus for a dual brew tasting.  Ben from Nemesis Beer is providing beer for a beer tasting and Greenstone Coffee Roasters is hosting a coffee cupping.


In addition to hosting our house Artist, Molly Murphy, we will be hosting artist

Marilyn Pilkey Art
Fiber Art – Quilts – Accessories


A passionate environmentalist, she is committed to creating functional and decorative art using pre- existing materials.  She reclaims discarded mill ends, samples, and scraps – many of them vintage prints from her mother’s collection.







CosMod (717 E. 22nd St.)


Grand Opening: CosMod Inc Opens Soon in Lawrence


From 19th Century to 1980’s Americana: CosMod Inc Studios will open for business: it’s an art installation that will feel a lot like a pop-up store.  It’s parts and pieces of American history on display and for sale,|: vintage and antiques, furniture, lighting and things… like a pair of framed Nixon prints, a big-eyed girl vase, African Folk Art figure, an Art Deco ice bucket, Arts & Crafts floor lamp and WWII bunk beds… What does it all mean?  The changing collection tells a story, one that questions the how, why and for what reasons we choose to keep, what we lose along the way and what is left behind. Art schmart, whatevah!  It’s also a decorator’s closet of full of props, goodies, must-haves and several of those, “good gried, that’s the ugliest statue I’ve ever seen. I have to have it.” It’s that kind of space.


Mid Century Modern furniture and lighting to 1960’s vintage denim, early Chinese mud figures, to projects available for custom refinishing, artfully arranged: for sale and all available for prop rentals.


Lawrence to NYC to Lawrnece, to NYC to Lawrence.  The comparisons between Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Lawrence, Kansas were never lost on this former Kansan who went to NYC, earning a Masters degree at Pratt Institute while managing small businesses in Brooklyn.


Early 90’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn was a vast wasteland of opportunity for artists to try a new medium: business.  We were flying under the radar of Wall Street at the time, living through another bad economy, in a desolate, sadly  discarded neighborhood.  Many artists opened businesses not simply to support their craft, but to contribute something valuable, a new medium. The idea that art and commerce could co-exist, even flourish in an abandoned part of the city was made more unlikely in that it was largely inhabited by a host of characters from Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. I think we were the only ones who found it charming: desolate, tall “big sky country” just a bunch of old factories, now empty. It was a wild west scene at times.  I felt right at home: Hootenannies on the main drag after a day, unloading truckloads of antiques from old factories and mills closed, up and down the east coast. American History.  We listened to clients, as personal shoppers and we were making art in the process. Seemed like a dream to me!


Coming back home to Lawrence, I wanted to bring something of the city back home. I found the most industrial space I could manage.  My business neighbors rebuild things like engines. It’s a very inspiring environment. There is no pretense about, but I think the work, the objects speak for themselves. Where Brooklyn meets Lawrence, this is where CosMod Inc is situated. It’s the Urban Central Plains…

CosMod Inc Studios

Lisa Purdon – owner

Final Friday, April 25th, 2014 Map of Venues

22 04 2014


Downloadable pdf copy of this month’s map:

finalfridaysmapapr2014 copy