Final Friday Events for February 26, 2016

22 02 2016

Final Fridays began in August of 2010 through the cooperation of the Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission and a wealth of artists, gallerists, art collectives and local businesses—as all saw the value of the arts in our city and an opportunity to bring them to a wider public through this monthly free arts festival.

Lawrence has one of the highest  percentages of working artists in the country per capita, and has long stood out in the Kansas landscape as a mecca for creative thought and energy. From 5 until 9 pm on the last Friday of the month from February through November, the streets of Downtown Lawrence erupt, storefronts convert into flash spaces, and performances and exhibits spill in and out of galleries and businesses.  Activities for kids, exhibitions designed to challenge adults, music, dance and theater for all ages are all within walking distance of each other.

Events for February 26, 2016

5:00 until 9:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Final Fridays are made possible by support from the City of Lawrence

THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9th St.) 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Billy Beeson (show runs through March)

Billy Beeson was raised in Lawrence, KS. Skateboarding and art took up all of his free time from a young age. After high school he packed up and headed to NYC where he attended art school, worked as a bartender and made art, showing his work at galleries during his time in the city. At the age of 25 he returned to Lawrence and started a family. While he’s experimented with sculpting, woodwork and mixed media, his true passion is in painting.

Artist’s Statement: Growing up I lived to paint. It’s all I thought about when I wasn’t skateboarding. Moving to New York and studying art was a dream come true. My experiences there helped me hone my skills and taught me to trust myself with my canvas. Upon returning to Kansas, fatherhood and family life took a front seat and for nearly 10 years art became an occasional hobby. That changed in 2012 when I was diagnosed with a rare neurologic disorder that causes stroke-like episodes. Faced with reinventing myself, I began painting again.

DO’S DELUXE (416 East 9th Street) 5:00 to8:00 P.M.

Recent Work – Marty Olson

An exhibition of acrylic paintings from the past 12 months.


Peace of Art

Retta Baccus, Kim Brook, Jenny Doores, and Leni Salkind will present new ceramic work reflecting on the connection between Art and Peace.

Black Excellence: Local Women

The Show is called “Black Excellence: Local Women” by Anna Balmilero, Barbara Wolf, and Connie Fitzpatrick. The show will celebrate and promote literature created by black women by displaying their photos, names, and short biographies around Lawrence.

Crystal Bradshaw, a local young black writer and author of the new book: “Eliza, A generational journey”; will be doing a book signing and sale during the Final Friday event at the ECM.

ESSENTIAL GOODS (825 Massachusetts St.)

Der Lee | Exodus

We look forward to welcoming artist Der Lee for our February Final Friday Artwalk. Please join us at her opening reception, Exodus, on Friday, February 26th from 5 to 9 pm to meet the artist and check out her new work.

Born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas, Der Lee is the third youngest of eight children. Being born a Hmong-American she encountered the influence that paper materials had in the Asian cultures as well as the American culture.

After years of research of her own roots she discovered the Hmong had no written language until the 1950’s due to the suppression of other neighboring countries. Every written form of language was destroyed and the last scripture was swallowed by Sonom, the Last Hmong Emperor, therefore the Hmong created their own language through ornamentation and textile designs sewn into clothing. This highly influenced Der’s interest in exploring the relationship between paper materials in society and its role in documentation, multi-cultural ritual practices and language.

In 2014 Der attended three artist residencies in Japan which included the Awagami Paper Factory to learn how to make traditional Japanese washi paper in the Tokushima Province and at the Mokuhanga Printmaking Artist Residency at the foot of Mount Fuji in Kawaguchi. She currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Visual Art with a Minor in Art History from the University of Kansas.


Love Songs & Art, Artwork by Kathleen Anderson, Laurie Culling, Leta Strom, Peggy Mohr

Kathleen Anderson is a Lawrence resident who has been painting in watercolor and oil for the past 14 years. She loves color in all its brilliance and subtleties with subject matter that includes landscapes, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and animals. She is a member of the Lawrence Art Guild, the Greater Kansas City Art Association, and the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society. Her work hangs in private and corporate collections and has been displayed in 1109 Gallery in Lawrence, SouthWind Gallery in Topeka, and Images Gallery, Buttonwood Gallery, and ARTichokes Gallery in the Kansas City area.,

Laurie Culling is a visual artist and active visual artists’ advocate, living in Lawrence. Ranging in style from realistic to abstract, her art explorations feature a variety of mediums including acrylic on canvas, mixed media on gypsum, monotypes, watercolor, pastels, hand-made paper collage, fabric and beads. Her artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and she has received numerous awards including Lawrence’s prestigious Phoenix Award in Visual Arts (2002). Her works are in many private, public and corporate collections. Laurie is a former Lawrence Art Guild co-president and vice-president, the co-founder of the Phoenix Gallery (1982), a founding member of the F.A.N. Club (1987) and Artist for the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center (1988). Laurie volunteered as art exhibit coordinator on behalf of the Lawrence Art Guild for the Lawrence Public Library for 20 years. She was the volunteer Assistant Director of the Lawrence Art Guild ‘s 1109 GALLERY in Downtown Lawrence.,,

Leta Strom Backdoor Photos – During her travels with her husband Steve, Leta Strom utilized traditional and modern photographic techniques to create canvas pieces that capture the charm and distinctiveness of various locales in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Her photo company, “Backdoor Photo,” takes its name from the approach that Steve and Leta chose in planning their European adventure. Rather than visiting a great many large cities, they chose to enter the countries through the ‘backdoor,’ wandering along winding cobblestone streets, becoming lost in the centuries-old charm of the villages and falling in step with the daily lives of locals. It is Leta’s hope that as you view her photos, you may become lost in the enchanting appeal of these European spots. Leta Strom has been involved in the Arts and working with young people for over twenty-five years. She taught high school drama and students with spec ial needs. Leta resides in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband, Steve, and enjoys spending time with her daughters, Lauren and Kristin.

Peggy Mohr – Though new to acrylic painting, Peggy has expressed her creativity in many ways since young. Music, dance and sewing were a major part of her growing up years, yet she always wanted to paint. She transferred to KU in 1975, graduated, married and raised her children in Lawrence, KS., where she currently resides with her husband, Larry. She worked for a local water color artist for many years yet never tried painting for herself. In 2008 she divinely came across a sketch she had done of her “brother’s mind” when she was in junior high, in Southern California. This was the kick she needed to pursue art for herself. After taking various classes at the art center she made the decision to focus on painting. For her, this had been a growing process, releasing a renewed love of the arts and gratefulness to God for His faithful “nudging”.

Madeline Tollefson began painting in watercolor in 1990, to fill the void when 4 children and 3 foster children began college or married life, and to renew an interest pursued before her marriage. She has studied continuously with Ellen Duncan (KWS, CWS, AWS) of Lecompton, Kansas. She paints weekly with the ‘Tuesday Artists”, also at Lecompton. She maintains a private home studio. Additionally, she has studied in workshops presented by Doug Walton, Tony Couch, Eric Wiegardt and Karlyn Holman, and numerous others. Goals are to glorify God and give joy with her watercolors, and to encourage others to pursue art at any age. Dreams include being a credit to her great-aunt, Fern Coppedge, who before her death in 1955 was a charter member of the ‘Philadelphia Ten’ women impressionists group. Madeline’s paintings hang in several private homes and in area businesses.,

HENRY’S ON EIGHTH STREET (11 East 8th St.) 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Distortion | New Works by Sarah Kunen

Statement from the Artist: The idea of art as a constantly evolving project, as something where failure is positive because it equals growth, to learn how to capture moments in time really resonates with me, because it also reflects life. My relationship with art is intertwined with my experience of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. From a very young age, artist expression was a sanctuary from sporadic pain and repetitive medical regiments; it provided the tools that affirmed my autonomy, an identity independent of impairment.

A life drawing instructor, Prof. Swindell, described art as moments of beauty and innovation that evolve from failure and growth. His instruction as well as instruction from other professors has framed the perspective that guides me as an artist. The risk of failure implicit in art mimics the vulnerabilities that underscore the human experience. The viewer is invited to consider the many facets of the human condition. One piece may focus on pain and illness but the beauty and strength. Others focus on memory and the passage of time. Yet others explore sexuality and a woman owning her own sexuality. I seek to challenge the distinctions between private and public, a peek inside my artist process so that it may stand as an allegory of the human experience. Paper and canvas host unique moments in time that can evolve and expand as maintaining my enthusiasm for the exploration of concepts advance.

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire St.)

EXHIBITIONS: The Lawrence Arts Center has three shows in its gallery this Friday. “Naturally: A Group Exhibition” brings together four artists—Susan Beiner (AZ), John Byrd (FL), Patsy Cox (CA), and Jason Walker (WA)—whose work explores the ever-changing relationship Americans have with the natural world; “Kris Kuksi. New Works” showcases Kuksi’s ability to assemble, collect, manipulate, cut, and re-shape thousands of individual parts, finally uniting them into an orchestral-like seamless cohesion that defines the historical rise and fall of civilization and envisions the possible future(s) of humanity; and “Lindsay Pichaske. Kingdom” uses ceramic animal forms to blur boundaries between species, challenging the perceived order and comfortable classifications of life. All are free and open to the public.


In truly scrumptious fashion, the Lawrence Arts Center is putting on the award winning musical, loosely based on Ian Fleming’s novel Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: The Magical Car. A clever script influenced by Roald Dahl follows an unsuccessful, but endearing inventor who builds a magical flying car for his children that takes them on a fantastic adventure. Featuring beguiling music, witty lyrics, lovable heroes and dastardly villains, this musical charms at any age. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors, and $10 for students/children. Show time is: February 26th at 7:30 pm.


“Christy Wittmer: Beneath, Beyond, Parallel To” lights up the windows of the Turnhalle Building at 900 Rhode Island for the first time this Friday. Walk by and peek inside! Christy Wittmer is the Lawrence Arts Center’s 2016 ceramics artist-in-residence. Christy received her BFA in painting and sculpture from Miami University. She studied ceramics at San Diego City College and The Ohio State University and earned her MFA in ceramics from the University of Cincinnati in 2014. Since then she has been working as a glaze chemist at Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati, OH. She has participated in artist residencies in Berlin, Germany, Jingdezhen, China and most recently at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada.


“701 Louisiana: A Group Exhibition” features the work of artists who have stayed at the home of Lawrence couple Bird and Michel Loomis while in Lawrence for the Arts Center’s biennial Ceramics Symposium. At some point, each invited artist has enjoyed spirited discussions and cup of coffee while perched around the Loomis’ kitchen island. Bonds and unexpected connections arise from the warmth and energy in the Loomis’ Victorian home filled with contemporary art. This exhibition is a ledger, a record, and a signal of paths that have crossed (despite any separation of time or distance). The common thread, in a sense, is that “we were here.”

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (913 Rhode Island) 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

A prelude to Azreal’s Fall

Christian Ballard is collaborating with Matt Krawcheck, Trevor Eagleman, and Damien Patton on a kinetic art project that offers a unique participatory experience with a narrative scroll. This show invites visitors to manually wind transparent scrolls through a handmade light-box to generate animated shadows and projections on a screen. Additionally the artists will deliver a narrated performance that explores the origins of mankind and envisions a future where spiritual growth keeps pace with advances in science and technology. Opening reception on February 26th from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.

On display at the the Percolator from Feb. 26 through March 20.

The Percolator is located at 913 Rhode Island Center (in the alley-look for the yellow building with green awnings) and is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 pm.

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.) 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

February Final Friday at Phoenix Gallery

This month’s Final Friday festivities at the Phoenix Gallery will include featured artwork by well-known artists Danny Meisinger, Bob Gent, Maria Martin, and a musical performance by local favorite Tyler Gregory. Great Harvest Bread Company will be offering delicious samples of their locally made bread and pastries.

Danny Meisinger was born in Topeka, Kansas and grew up not far from Kansas City in the small town of Gardner. It is there that he began his work as a potter. A scheduling conflict in high school landed him in a ceramics class where a knack for form, a belief he could do anything and a willingness to fail repeatedly was all he needed to excel with clay. Several years after graduating high school in 1984, he came to a point where he had no idea what to do his future; he decided to take a ceramics class at the local community college. Danny then went to the University of Kansas to study ceramics. Those first years were tough, but in those years he found his greatest teachers: the clay itself and the process. Danny has now been making pots professionally for over twenty-five years. His current focus placed on the sculptural vessel and exhibiting in galleries and teaching workshops.

Bob Gent, glassblower, creates one of a kind pieces of art from his home based studio in Lawrence, Kansas. He spent most of his life making things of one sort or another and made his first series of lamps as a teenager, figuring out how to drill holes in glass insulators in order to put a wire through the top. Upon earning a degree from the University of Tulsa, he moved to Kansas to start a family and establish his own glass studio. For several years, he exhibited his work on the craft show circuit mainly throughout the Midwest but occasionally on both coasts. Currently, his work can be found in fine galleries and artisan shops. Originally trained as an offhand glassblower, he became interested in fusing and built an impressive fusing studio in order to explore this new means of creation. Glass offers a chance for a myriad of juxtapositions of color, form and shape within the rigid confines of the material’s technical limitations. There’s always something new to t ry, a different and surprising effect to discover or a new piece of equipment to build. Gent continues to be captivated by glass and finds gratification in discovering new ways to mold and shape his art.

Maria Martin was born in Philadelphia and now resides in Lawrence, KS. Martin works predominantly in the medium of painting using acrylic and oil paints as well as collage adding a mix of her sketches, smaller paintings, photographs and found objects. Having studied art in Philadelphia and at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Martin’s greatest instructor and mentor was her artist father, who remains her inspiration. Martin’s work tends to focus on and is inspired by nature, its colors and textures. She works to develop paintings that speak about the beauty that exists in the world around us. Color is very important to her and uses it to create drama and tension. No painting is totally planned, Martin explores the canvas space with her creativity ongoing throughout the entire painting process. Her goal is to have the viewer stop and think about the moment, the setting, the movement, the happening, their own memories and journeys. Each person takes something a little different from the same picture and Martin is happy with that.

Tyler Gregory’s mix of blues and roots music howls with a sense of passion and freedom. Singing songs portraying stories of travel, land, and the meaning of simplicity, Gregory goes full force on his guitar/banjo/stomp-box live performance arrangements.

PHOENIX UNDERGROUND (825 Massachusetts St.)

Earth>Water>Fire: The Art of the Mug

Phoenix Underground is pleased to present, “Earth>Water>Fire: The Art of the Mug.” We invited artists from all over the country to submit original, handmade mugs for sale. The opening reception will be Friday, February 26th, 2016, from 5:00-9:00 pm and will be on display through March 23rd, 2016. Please join us for the opening reception to meet the artists, see an array of original, well-conceived mugs and enjoy good food and music!

Coinciding with NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) pre-conference, we are pleased to feature local, regional and national artists in a display of ceramic mugs. NCECA’s annual conference features dozens of presenters, demonstrations, networking opportunities and exhibitions over three and a half days each spring. This year the 50th Anniversary Conference will be held in Kansas City, MO.

Participating artists:

Tom Edwards (Evergreen, Colorado)
Jacob Burmood (Kansas City, Missouri)
Jackie Sundell (Lawrence, Kansas)
Neil Goss (Lawrence, Kansas)
Melissa Mencini (Austin, Texas)
Michelle Rogne (Lawrence, Kansas)
Justin Fairchild (Lawrence, Kansas)
Ben Brown (Lawrence, Kansas)
Didem Mert (Edinboro, Pennsylvania)
McKenna Brandenburger (Lawrence, Kansas)
Susan Speck (Mission, Kansas)
Meredith Host (Kansas City, Missouri)
Alan Brummell (Lawrence, Kansas)
Eric Botbyl (Humboldt, Tennessee)
Christy Wittmer (Lawrence, Kansas)
Jim Gottuso (Louisville, Kentucky)
Brian Horsch (Lawrence, Kansas)
Chanda Zea (New Albany, Indiana)
Myra Douglass (Kyle, Texas)
Kyla Toomey (Boston, Massachusetts)
Alexander Thierry (Lawrence, Kansas)
Dan McCabe (Chicago, Illinois)
Renee LoPresti (San Marcos, Texas)
Ashley Bevington (Edinboro, Pennsylvania)
Christopher Chaney (Naperville, Illinois)
Daniel Gegen (Wichita, Kansas)
Justin Rothshank (Goshen, Indiana)
Anne Egitto (Lawrence, Kansas)
Danny Meisinger (Spring Hill, Kansas)
Michael Crouch (Lawrence, Kansas)
Steve Coburn (Salina, Kansas)
Micheal Smith (Kansas City, Missouri)
Ryan Paget (Lawrence, Kansas)
Kim Brook (Lawrence, Kansas)
Todd Pletcher (Goshen, Indiana)
Alex Watson (Kansas City, Missouri)
Machiko Erhard (Kansas City, Missouri)
Marshall Maude (Lawrence, Kansas)
Eric Stearns (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Natalie Thomas (Peculiar, Missouri)
Benjamin Lambert (Edinboro, Pennsylvania)
Ciera Jackson (Lawrence, Kansas)
Dave Van Hee (Lawrence, Kansas)
Leni Salkind (Lawrence, Kansas)

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.)


Artist statement: My name is Candice Davis, also known as Candy. I live in the Oread Neighborhood in the first historic house saved by the Lawrence Preservation Alliance. When I am not working as a clinical social worker or advocating for my neighborhood, I give tours at KU’s Spencer Museum of Art. I have always had an interest in art and in recent years began painting in Lewis Copt’s open studio class. This exhibit is a culmination of those years. I am inspired by beautiful places and interesting people. I hope that you enjoy the exhibit and perhaps find inspiration to explore your own form of artistic expression.

THEATRE LAWRENCE (4660 Bauer Farm Dr.)

Live in the Lobby! Improv

2 Shows: Family Friendly: 7pm

Adult: 9pm (Mature content possible)

Enjoy an evening of improvisation and laughter with the Theatre Lawrence Improv group. The Cove will be open for refreshments. Cabaret seating.

WATKINS MUSEUM OF HISTORY (1047 Massachusetts Street) 5:00 TO 8:00 P.M.

Landmark History: A Final Friday Program on Historic Preservation

Come to the Watkins for an evening of free and fascinating talks by local experts in historic preservation, explore our new exhibit on the famous Wilder and Palm Windmill, and enjoy refreshments!

Schedule of talks:

  • 6 & 7 PM, Allen Weichart: The Wilder & Palm Windmill
  • 6:20 & 7:20, Dennis Brown & Mike Goans: Lawrence Preservation Alliance
  • 6:40 & 7:40, Cromwell Solar: Solar Energy and Historic Properties
WONDER FAIR GALLERY (841 Massachusetts St) 6:00 to 10:00 P.M.

Visit Wonder Fair Gallery this Final Friday to support KU Printmakers studying abroad in Japan this summer, in a course led by professors Shawn Bitters and Yoonmi Nam.

Free Moku Hanga (traditional Japanese woodcut) demonstrations will take place in the gallery from 6-10pm, led by students Nick Strange, Cameron Pratte, Brandon Keenan, Fuko Ito, and Jake Kaufmann.

Interested in expanding both your print knowledge and your art collection? Original prints by KU graduates, undergraduates, and select faculty will be available for sale throughout the evening–a great opportunity for new collectors and seasoned treasure hunters alike to discover young artists and exciting new work. All sales directly benefit the KU print club.


CIDER GALLERY (810 Pennsylvania St.) 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

701 LOUISIANA: An exhibition featured as part of NCECA Ceramics Symposium

All of the artists invited to this exhibition have stayed (or will stay) with Bird and Michel Loomis while in town as visiting artists working at the Lawrence Arts Center. At some point each invited artist has enjoyed (or will) a spirited conversation and cup of coffee while perched around the Loomis’ kitchen island. Bonds and unexpected connections arise from the warmth and energy in the Loomis’ Victorian home filled with contemporary art.

The common thread in a sense is that “we were here”.

This exhibition is a ledger, a record, and a signal of paths that have crossed (despite any separation of time or distance).

Artists: Dan Anderson, John Balistreri, Matt Long, Tom Bartel, Christa Assad, Josh DeWeese, Pattie Chalmers, Charity Davis Woodard, Chris Gustin, Stan Welsh, Sunshine Cobb, Auymi Horie, Liz Quackenbush, Roberto Lugo, Sergei Isupov, Steve Lee, Lisa Clague, Amber Ginsburg and Kyla Strid.

Exhibition Dates: February 26th, 2015 to March 19th, 2016

Final Friday Reception: 5-9pm, Friday, February 26th

Pre-NCECA Conference Reception: 7-9pm, Friday, March 11th

SEEDCO STUDIOS (720 E 9th St.)


Featuring resident artists:

Felt Show
Lori Andersen
Barrie Arachtingi
Jesse Gray
Erok Johanssen
Kate Larson
Brandon Mateer
Jeromy Morris
Dani Ramirez
Janice Raiteri
Catherine Reed
Jeremy Rockwell
Elizabeth Rowley
John Sebelius
Ryan Storck
Kyla Strid
Lindsey Yankee
Aaron Youngstrom
Lesa Weller
Dana Wiseman

Located within the Warehouse Arts District at 720 E 9th Street #7 in Lawrence, KS, this space is ideal for making, showing and engaging in all aspects of art. With 18 artist studios, a music recording operation and collaborative space/gallery, the potential for creating at all scales is practically limitless. SeedCo is envisioned as a creative factory/laboratory with each of the resident artists bringing their singular artistic identity and prowess to expand and delve deeper into conception and production. At the heart of this project is a conscious intent to transform post-industrial space into a fluent medium all its own, specifically designed to transcend temporal and spatial values and condense them to create a heightened sensory experience. A multi-disciplinary approach emphasizing cooperation, collaboration, and community involvement and encompassing elements from fine art, sculpture, graphic design and production, music and recording, fashion, construction, digital med ia, and street art, the scope of this endeavor is far-reaching, but the flavor is distinctly home-grown. With its placement in the center of historic redevelopment, SeedCo Studios has the chance to act as a catalyst for creative growth, not only in Lawrence proper, but radiating outward into the surrounding regional area and beyond.