Final Friday: July 29, 2016

26 07 2016

Events for July 29, 2016

5:00 until 9:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Final Fridays are made possible by support from the City of Lawrence

Here’s a quick list of participating venues in alphabetical order with further details below:

  • BE MOVED STUDIO (2 East 7th Street, upstairs)
  • THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9th St.)
  • CIDER GALLERY (810 Pennsylvania St.) Warehouse Arts District
  • THE ENCLAVE (624 N 2nd Street) North Lawrence
  • ESSENTIAL GOODS (825 Massachusetts St.)
  • THE GREENHOUSE CULTURE (1001 Massachusetts St)
  • HENRY’S COFFEE SHOP + BAR (11 East 8th St.)
  • LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire St.)
  • MANA BAR (1111 Massachusetts St.)
  • OZ ART GLASS (626 N 2nd Street)
  • THE PERCOLATOR (913 Rhode Island St.-yellow building in the alley)
  • PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)
  • PHOENIX UNDERGROUND (825 Massachusetts St.)
  • RUFF HOUSE ART (729 Massachusetts St.)
  • RURAL PEARL STUDIO (720 E. 9th St., #1D)
  • SEEDCO STUDIOS (720 E 9th St.)
  • TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.)
  • WATKINS MUSEUM OF HISTORY (1047 Massachusetts Street)

    BE MOVED STUDIO (2 East 7th Street, upstairs)

    New paintings for musing and meditation by Janice Nabors Raiteri. Please stop in for a closing reception of “So Lightly Here.”

    “The Long Now” Jesse Gray

    THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9th St.) 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

    “Together” works by Stephan Anderson-Story

    Stephan Anderson-Story received his B.F.A. in photography from Emporia State University. His work has been featured in exhibits across the country. He lives outside of Lawrence, Kansas and is continuing to work on a portrait project of time spent with his partner, Heidi Raak. He is represented by the James May Gallery.

    CIDER GALLERY (810 Pennsylvania St.)

    The Shape of Things to Come: Works by Aaron Marable and Kendra Marable


    The Enclave is a creative incubator/factory/laboratory, with each of the resident artists at its forefront. The studio encourages a multi-disciplinary approach, that provides visitors with an introduction to the vibrant, eclectic and ever evolving cultural and art experiences that Lawrence has to offer.

    Gabriel Tuxhorn, Blanca Herrada, Joel Ramirez and Marylin Hinojosa are the current artists that inhabit The Enclave, and they are opening the studio to Final Fridays in Lawrence enthusiasts, as well as anyone in the community that may have an interest in discovering the “collaborative space” they have established, over the bridge.

    ESSENTIAL GOODS (825 Massachusetts St.)

    Ramon Valdez | People and Pieces: The Spaces Between

    We are excited to welcome artist Ramon Valdez as our Final Friday artist at Essential Goods! Please join us at his opening reception on Friday, July 29th from 5 pm to 9 pm to meet the artist and check out his new work. Ramon’s show will run through July.

    Artist Biography: Ramon Valdez grew up in southwest Kansas, surrounded by impossibly starry skies and a small town life. This fostered an appreciation of the bright golds in a wheat field, the deep blues of summer, and the quiet reflections in a friendly smile. An appreciation of the tiny details that form a larger picture, a song, or a story.

    Painting since 2010, Ramon has taken that upbringing and applied it to paintings that tell stories that words can’t convey. He enjoys working on a portrait to try to capture the essence of a person, the life beneath the surface that isn’t always readily apparent and put it on display. He uses his love of music, folklore, and film to inflect and guide each painting. He also uses his experience as a parent to two beautiful boys as inspiration for new works, and hopes to author and illustrate a children’s book in the next year.

    He primarily works in watercolor as his medium but has recently begun to branch out with inks and acrylics. He is constantly learning and working to improve with each new piece and has had his work displayed in First Fridays events for Kansas City and Topeka, and Final Fridays in Lawrence. He has been commissioned for paintings across the U.S. and Mexico.

    Ramon currently paints out of his home studio in Overland Park, Kansas.


    Summer’s Retreat

    VICKI VORMEHR is a highly sought after artist from the Midwest. Her dedication to photo-realistic quality, and mastering the subtle change of light in her work, set her apart from all other artists in her field. Vicki graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Vicki’s paintings have achieved international attention and award winning acclaim. Vicki’s subjects include paintings of scenes on college campuses, Western art, motorcycle themes, landscapes, pet portraits and artwork to decorate children’s rooms. Vicki uses the finest professional quality paints and canvases for her paintings. Vicki has done Watercolor paintings her whole life but has enjoyed trying other mediums including oils. She has taken oil painting classes at the Kansas City Art Institute and has enjoyed painting many canvases in a variety of subject matter. One of the most popular paintings are the custom p et portr aits. With warmth and a sense of humor matching her artistic ability, Vicki’s painting capture the spirit of the American experience.

    LAURIE CULLING is a visual artist and active visual artists’ advocate, living in Lawrence. Ranging in style from realistic to abstract, her art explorations feature a variety of mediums including acrylic on canvas, mixed media on gypsum, monotypes, watercolor, pastels, hand-made paper collage, fabric and beads. Her artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and she has received numerous awards including Lawrence’s prestigious Phoenix Award in Visual Arts (2002). Her works are in many private, public and corporate collections. Laurie is a former Lawrence Art Guild co-president and vice-president, the co-founder of the Phoenix Gallery (1982), a founding member of the F.A.N. Club (1987) and Artist for the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center (1988). Laurie volunteered as art exhibit coordinator on behalf of the Lawrence Art Guild for the Lawrence Public Library for 20 years. She was the volunteer Assistant Director of the Lawrence Art Guil d’ ;s 1109 GALLERY in Downtown Lawrence.,,

    LETA STROM BACKDOOR PHOTOS During her travels with her husband Steve, Leta Strom utilized traditional and modern photographic techniques to create canvas pieces that capture the charm and distinctiveness of various locales in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Her photo company, “Backdoor Photo,” takes its name from the approach that Steve and Leta chose in planning their European adventure. Rather than visiting a great many large cities, they chose to enter the countries through the ‘backdoor,’ wandering along winding cobblestone streets, becoming lost in the centuries-old charm of the villages and falling in step with the daily lives of locals. It is Leta’s hope that as you view her photos, you may become lost in the enchanting appeal of these European spots. Leta Strom has been involved in the Arts and working with young people for over twenty-five years. She taught high school drama and students with spec ial needs. Leta resides in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband, Steve, and enjoys spending time with her daughters, Lauren and Kristin.

    PEGGY MOHR Though new to acrylic painting, Peggy has expressed her creativity in many ways since young. Music, dance and sewing were a major part of her growing up years, yet she always wanted to paint. She transferred to KU in 1975, graduated, married and raised her children in Lawrence, KS., where she currently resides with her husband, Larry. She worked for a local water color artist for many years yet never tried painting for herself. In 2008 she divinely came across a sketch she had done of her “brother’s mind” when she was in junior high, in Southern California. This was the kick she needed to pursue art for herself. After taking various classes at the art center she made the decision to focus on painting. For her, this had been a growing process, releasing a renewed love of the arts and gratefulness to God for His faithful “nudging”.

    MADELINE TOLLEFSON began painting in watercolor in 1990, to fill the void when 4 children and 3 foster children began college or married life, and to renew an interest pursued before her marriage. She has studied continuously with Ellen Duncan (KWS, CWS, AWS) of Lecompton, Kansas. She paints weekly with the ‘Tuesday Artists”, also at Lecompton. She maintains a private home studio. Additionally, she has studied in workshops presented by Doug Walton, Tony Couch, Eric Wiegardt and Karlyn Holman, and numerous others. Goals are to glorify God and give joy with her watercolors, and to encourage others to pursue art at any age. Dreams include being a credit to her great-aunt, Fern Coppedge, who before her death in 1955 was a charter member of the ‘Philadelphia Ten’ women impressionists group. Madeline’s paintings hang in several private homes and in area businesses.,

    THE GREENHOUSE CULTURE (1001 Massachusetts St) 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

    Phoetry with Matthew Obrakta and Meighan Davisson; featuring music by Kathryn King

    Join us for an evening of art and live music. Light refreshments will be served.

    Husband and wife team Matthew Obrakta and Meighan Davisson have blended two passions into one form of art. Phoetry. Matthew is a nature and landscape photographer, photographing both local and far away beauty. Each photograph print is painted onto watercolor paper and developed using sunlight. Meighan is an experienced and personal poet who writes the details of everyday. She feeds each photo through a typewriter and adds her lines of soft and thought provoking poetry. The result is every piece is a truly original work of art.

    Kathryn King is an indie pop/rock songwriter from a small town in Kansas and has been creating music since the 2nd grade. She’s produced one 13-song album and three EP’s, the latest one released in November 2015. In an article by I Heart Local Music they commented, “She channels her inner Lisa Loeb to offer emotionally comforting songs while drawing out her own narrative . . . King is a proper songwriter that demonstrates a delicate maturity so many listeners yearn for.” Though she is currently primarily playing in another local Lawrence band she enjoys any chance to perform her solo material.

    HENRY’S COFFEE SHOP + BAR (11 East 8th St.) 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

    This July Final Friday, Henry’s is delighted to present Works by Elisabeth Miller. Elisabeth’s work features stunning nature photography of Kansas landscapes. Come by to view her lovely photography and enjoy our delicious summery specials.

    Showing all of August 2016

    Artist bio: Elisabeth Miller is a multifaceted artist, who works with photography, glass, and fabrics. Elisabeth grew up on a small farm in the Lawrence area. She has been an photographer for several years now.

    LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire St.)

    University of Kansas Faculty Exhibition

    The Visual Art Faculty Exhibition will be an opportunity to view many accomplished artists’ work in one space. The faculty of KU’s Department of Visual Art is comprised of internationally recognized artists and scholars with interests that span a broad range of media and disciplines. Dedicated to educating the next generation of artists, these teachers prioritize mentorship while maintaining notable practices.

    LAWRENCE OPERA THEATRE & LAWRENCE LIBRARY (707 Vermont St.) 6:00 to 6:45 P.M.

    Lawrence Opera Theatre, in collaboration with the Lawrence Library, will present a preview of their upcoming 7th Season, Shakespeare 400, with a pianist and several singers performing a range of repertoire―including arias from operas based on Shakespeare’s works. (The Library will provide a companion reading and listening list for the seasonal program).

    The 45-minute program will begin at 6pm, during LPL’s regular hours, and there will be snacks and beverages.

    MANA BAR (1111 New Hampshire St.) 6:00 to 8:00

    Susan Prout | Channeling Divine Frequencies

    Susan Walter-Prout began her life-long path of spiritual awakening with near death experiences at the ages of 4 and 6. It was these experiences where she was introduced to her own angels and was given the unique gift of visualizing her angels. In 1997 Susan’s gift was expanded to see the angels of everyone. Susan uses this unique gift to help others connect to their personal angels with guardian angel portraits and messages from their angels. These portraits are unique and beautifully inspired frame-able art.

    Susan’s present project is creating channeled mandalas based on the Solfeggio Frequencies creating both full-color Meditation Decks and Mandala Activation Guides (Adult Coloring Books). The intentions of these tools are endless and one can find infinite space while using these tools.

    Susan has also begun combining her healing art with Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations to create a masterful healing space. Susan’s art in combination with the singing bowls are incorporated to create a healing meditation that allows one to simply relax and enjoy while receiving an energetic sound/frequency healing.

    OZ ART GLASS (626 N 2nd Street)

    Dorothy Hoyt-Reed has been making stained glass pieces for 4 years. Her work will be on display for the store’s first final Friday. The store will be featuring other glass artists in the future. The store will also be teaching classes in stained glass, as well as selling the supplies. Come join our opening fun.

    THE PERCOLATOR ARTSPACE (913 Rhode Island St.-yellow building in the alley)

    The Dimebag Show

    This is a open call show working with the Social Sevice League where people purchased a $10.00 bag, filled it with goodies and made art with it!

    PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.) 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

    This Final Friday, the Phoenix Gallery is pleased to feature the work of jewelry artist Britta McKee of Tobias Designs. Meet our new neighbors Brian and Betsy Timmer who will be opening a studio at the beginning of August in the 825 Massachusetts building as well. Indulge your senses in the many tastes of the season with a sampling of tasty bites by Merchants Pub and Plate. Mana Bar will be providing us with various iced teas and kava, Marvin and Cathy Hunt will be providing music for the evening.

    Britta McKee of Tobias Designs

    Drawing inspiration from my rambunctious kids, nature, and experimenting with chemicals; I forge metal with an old mallet on a railroad track anvil. I don’t measure anything so that is embraces the raw organic feel to each pieces and give it its own uniqueness. I enjoy using various techniques throughout my work sucks as anodizing aluminum, reticulate silver, and in lay gold leaf. My body of work is meaningful leaving the wearer with options to help bring out their inner beauty and self confidence.

    My current work is the use of etching on metal with chemicals and different patinas to enrich the designs. I also use a variety of textures from different hammers to steel stamps to replicate nature at its finest.

    Brian and Betsy Timmer

    Join us in a sneak preview of the Timmer’s newest studio space to be opened next month in the 825 Massachusetts building. Both Michigan natives, Brian and Betsy Timmer moved to Lawrence in 2005 so Betsy could enter the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Kansas. Over a decade later, with two college degrees, great local friends and colleagues, two kids, a house, and now a gallery, they are both happy to call Lawrence home.

    Brian Timmer

    With a Bachelors of Fine Art in painting and a Masters of Divinity in theology, Brian has a unique cross-disciplinary education. His diverse interests are reflected through a quest to preserve raw creative expression while exploring themes that range from the mundane to the complex–all with the intent of exposing human purpose and meaning. While Brian’s representational works seek to capture and simply celebrate the grandeur of the natural world, his more abstract creations simultaneously celebrate and grieve everyday experiences.

    Betsy Timmer

    Betsy received her MFA from the University of Kansas (2008) and her BFA from Western Michigan University (2003). Betsy’s mixed media work has been exhibited across the country in venues such as the Coburn Gallery at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, the Olin Gallery at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania, the Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science in Tallahassee, Florida, and the Grand Rapids Museum of Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her work, Betsy observes and investigates relationships, motivations, priorities, and passing time. Using her own experiences as fuel, she gives form to her ideas by combining and manipulating everyday objects, most often textiles and domestic “debris.” Besides working as a studio artist, Betsy is an art instructor and a graphic designer.

    Marvin and Cathy Hunt

    We look forward to Marvin and Cathy Hunt providing our music for the evening. This Lawrence duo plays jump blues and rockabilly music, with great vocals, a guitar and fun lyrics!

    Merchants Pub and Plate

    Merchants Pub & Plate is located in downtown Lawrence, a locally owned restaurant that is focused on seasonal food, craft beer & great wine.


    Exotic Beverages serves as the premier kava and tea Bar in the midwest. Located in Lawrence, Mana carries over 60 teas as well as kava, kombucha and other exotic beverages from around the world. All of Mana’s teas are pesticide free.

    PHOENIX UNDERGROUND (825 Massachusetts St.)

    PRO3ESS: New works by Jeromy Morris at Phoenix Underground

    Phoenix Underground is excited to present PRO3ESS: New works by Jeromy Morris. Join us for the opening reception this coming Final Friday and meet local artist Jeromy Morris!

    Jeromy Morris was born in Denver, CO and now lives and produces in Lawrence, KS. Morris has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design from the University of Kansas. He is a founding member of Fresh Produce Art Collective, Cider Gallery Curator and Director at SeedCo Studios. His work is in numerous private and corporate collections.

    Morris is constantly finding new techniques to express his creativity through multiple mediums. He fuses together process to “build moods.” Inspired by chaos and the mundane, he seeks out subtleties and embraces the accidental. Morris’ work deals with, interactions and happenings relating to, consumerism and advertising, urban ruins and type decay, nature vs. industry and the equilibrium and fusion thereof.

    RUFF HOUSE ART (729 Massachusetts Street)

    Tucker & Scout: A family lifestyle brand operated by Dan & Melissa Padavic

    Dan & Melissa are a husband and wife duo who love to make and they are located in Overland Park, Kansas. Dan’s expertise lives in the design and print world, while Melissa is a talented seamstress and textile designer. All of their products are created by hand in the KC metro and sourced from American Made materials.

    In 2006, before Melissa and Dan met, Dan (a KU Alumnus) started Vahalla Studios, a design and print studio that made its mark in the gig-poster community. As their relationship and company grew, they began to work together. Melissa was the office manager for numerous years at the studio, while Dan designed and printed rock & roll posters for some of the most popular entertainers around.

    After four years of dating and a one year engagement, they got married in September of 2011. In 2013, their family grew from two to three with the birth of their son Tucker. They welcomed the inspiration he created with open arms and let it change their creative outlet. In 2015 they began to do craft shows as Tucker & Scout, even-though Scout had not joined them yet. They really tried to test the waters before making the transition from selling kick-ass show posters to cute-as-hell family goods. To their pleasant surprise they received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to their wares.

    2016 has brought them their baby daughter Scout and the full launch of the brand. Their adventure together as a family continues. We hope you enjoy their story and the inspiration behind their line… family. It’s all about love!!!

    THE RURAL PEARL (720 E. 9th St., #1D)

    Rural Pearl Studio, located in the East Lawrence Arts District, is where cut paper artist Angie Pickman displays her work on an ongoing basis. This Final Friday, she will display many new cut paper collages and wood sculptures incorporating her paper cuttings. More about the artist:

    Angie Pickman, Lawrence, KS, is a nationally recognized cut paper artist that combines the art of traditional paper cutting with collage to create intricately detailed works of art and animations. She received her master’s degree in 2004 from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, which is where she first learned of the art of silhouette animation artist Lotte Reiniger (1899 – 1981). Her love of nature and the tranquility of the rural terrain, as well as Reiniger’s style and technique, inspired Pickman to set off on the artistic path that she continues today. She exhibits at galleries and art fairs nationally, does illustration, animation and design work, conducts public presentations on her art, and teaches various art classes and workshops. Most recently, her work has been featured in Midwest Living and Martha Stewart Living magazines, and her animation work will appear in a documentary premiering on PBS in 2016.

    “I began cutting paper in 2003 after seeing “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” – a cut paper stop-motion silhouette animation from 1926 by Lotte Reiniger. I had always wanted to be “an artist” – I knew from a very young age that it was my life calling, but it took me a long time to figure out in which medium this would manifest itself. The traditional forms taught in school never felt quite right, but when I saw Lotte’s work, something clicked. My tools of trade are a rubber gripped x-acto knife, acid-free paper, mechanical pencils, and a self-healing cutting mat.”

    SEEDCO STUDIOS (720 E 9th St.)

    • Open Studios
    • Felt Show
    • Lori Andersen
    • Jesse Gray
    • Erok Johanssen
    • Maria Martin
    • Brandon Mateer
    • Jeromy Morris
    • Javy Ortiz
    • Dani Ramirez
    • Janice Raiteri
    • Catherine Reed
    • Jeremy Rockwell
    • Elizabeth Rowley
    • John Sebelius
    • Ryan Storck
    • Kyla Strid
    • Brian Timmer
    • Aaron Youngstrom
    • Dana Wiseman

    Located within the Warehouse Arts District at 720 E 9th Street #7 in Lawrence, KS, this space is ideal for making, showing and engaging in all aspects of art. With 18 artist studios, a music recording operation and collaborative space/gallery, the potential for creating at all scales is practically limitless. SeedCo is envisioned as a creative factory/laboratory with each of the resident artists bringing their singular artistic identity and prowess to expand and delve deeper into conception and production. At the heart of this project is a conscious intent to transform post-industrial space into a fluent medium all its own, specifically designed to transcend temporal and spatial values and condense them to create a heightened sensory experience. A multi-disciplinary approach emphasizing cooperation, collaboration, and community involvement and encompassing elements from fine art, sculpture, graphic design and production, music and recording, fashion, construct ion, digital media, and street art, the scope of this endeavor is far-reaching, but the flavor is distinctly home-grown. With its placement in the center of historic redevelopment, SeedCo Studios has the chance to act as a catalyst for creative growth, not only in Lawrence proper, but radiating outward into the surrounding regional area and beyond.

    TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.) 5:30 to 9:00 P.M.

    Elizabeth Hatchett – Paintings and Portraits

    BFA University Of Texas, Austin

    Art Education Certification, Washburn University, Topeka

    Masters of Art Education, Honors. University of Kansas, Lawrence

    KAEA Outstanding Elementary Art Educator, 1996

    Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

    I have loved creating art from childhood.

    Painting animal portraits gives me much joy. I am primarily a painter but have pursued lithography, ceramics, jewelry design, and other creative art endeavors.

    I paint, but am not limited to; animal portraits, landscapes, and abstract paintings.

    I taught art in Kansas public schools for twenty-seven years.


    Dennis and Charles perform an eclectic mix of old R&B, classic country, bayou blues, and great rock tunes both old and new. Both gentlemen have been active in the local music scene for years, but only recently decided to combine their musical skills, love of old instruments, and willingness to try just about anything. Higginson, who studied guitar under his friend and mentor, Bill Crahan, is best known for his work in the Uptown Mandolin Quartet. Maygers has played in local rock bands for years going back to the Bluethings in the early 70’s to the fun-packed surf band Blue Wave. He has recently been performing with Steve Strickland, a singer/songwriter from Ottawa. This fun, toe-tapping duet features Maygers on bass guitar and vocals and Higginson on guitar and vocals. C’mon out…you’re sure to have a good time.

    WATKINS MUSEUM OF HISTORY (1047 Massachusetts Street) 5:00 TO 9:00 P.M., Presentation at 7:00 PM

    Higher, Faster, Stronger: Douglas County Olympians

    Join us at the Watkins for the official opening of our exciting new exhibit on local athletes in the Olympics. From 5-5:30, Olympian Bill Hougland of the 1952 games will be on hand to greet visitors. Additionally, exhibit designers Brittany Keegan and Cole Finlay will give gallery talks on the artifacts and stories behind Douglas County in the Olympics.